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UAE-backed forces begin to be stationed in Mahara

MAHARA, Feb. 11 (YPA) – UAE-backed forces arrived in Mahara province and were stationed at security points and a coalition camp loyal to the coalition, amid tensions and protests over the Saudi military presence.

According to a source in the local authority in the province, hundreds of elite forces arrived on Sunday, accompanied by dozens of vehicles to the city of Ghaydah, the center of Mahrah, after months of training outside the province under the supervision of the UAE forces.

The source added that the troops arrived stationed at security points, and took the Coast Guard Camp in Hawf district east of Mahra as the headquarters.

In a related context, a number of sheikhs and dignitaries of Hawf expressed their rejection of any military development or the establishment of military points to serve the interests of Hawf sons

The Hawf sheikhs said in a statement, We are satisfied with the local cadres of officers and soldiers to carry out their work within the district, support the local security institutions and maintain the security of the district.

The Mahari elite, a similar version of the forces established by the UAE in the provinces of Aden, Lahj, Abyan, Shabwa, Dhalea and Hadramout, in late July in 2015.

Mahara province witnessed last year popular protests over the control of the Sarafit port, Birin shipment, Al-Ghayda airport and Nashton by the Saudi forces that demanded its handover to the local forces, lifting the restrictions on movement, import and export and stopping the military developments.

The popular protests ended in July with an agreement to meet the demands of the protesters, but the agreement was not implemented, and then resume sit-ins in mid-September after the creation of Saudi forces positions in the province adjacent to the Sultanate of Oman.


Sameera Hassn