YEMEN Press Agency

UAE-backed militia leader: Al-Qaeda is fighting us with coalition weapons

SHABWA, Jan. 12 (YPA) – Commander of the so-called “Shabwani elite forces” loyal to the UAE occupation has accused other parties in Saudi-led coalition of supplying al-Qaeda militants with weapons and bringing terrorist elements to Shabwa province in southeastern Yemen.

Mohammed Salem al-Bohari, leader of the elite militias, said in a television interview that “the 30th Infantry Brigade camp loyal to the so-called “al-Sharaia” has worked to pass weapons illegally to the terrorist elements.”

Al-Bohari pointing out that the “elite” militias managed at one of the checkpoints to thwart smuggling of a silencer weapons shipment coming from the province of Marib.

He also revealed that the forces loyal to the al-Sharaia (the exiled Hadi government) have concluded deals to sell oil in illegal manner.