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Education Ministry condemns coalition airstrikes on school in Hodiedah

SANAA< Oct. 12 (YPA) – The Ministry of Education condemned the targeting of the US-backed Saudi-led airstrikes on the school of Hassan bin Abi Aqama in the mountains in Tuhaita district of Hodeidah province.
In a statement, the ministry condemned the systematic targeting of schools and educational institutions, which led to the death of teachers and students and the destruction of educational infrastructure in the framework of the efforts of the coalition forces to stop the educational process and ignorance of students.
The Ministry held the international community, the Security Council, the United Nations and all relevant international organizations responsibility for the continuation of the coalition’s aggression and its direct targeting of the educational process.
The school of Hassan bin Abi Aqama is an old schools of Tuhaita district which recently opened after the Social Fund for Development reconstructed and built a new one to accommodate students of the basic and secondary levels.