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Most traitors of Saudi project clients in Mahra detected

MAHRA, Oct. 1 (YPA) – Local sources revealed the use of Saudi forces in Mahara province a number of militia leaders to secure the Saudi company to extend the pipeline project through the province.

The sources said that the Saudi forces tried through Mahara governor of the government of Hadi , on Sunday to send troops from the Yemeni army stationed there, to protect the Saudi company, but they refused to confront the tribes that protesting the implementation of the project.

The source pointed out that the Saudi forces used some tribes, who loyal to them, to do the task of securing the work of the company, which moved groups to Hatt Camp, according to Post site.

The sources pointed out that these armed groups met in the camp to coordinate work on how to ensure the work of the Saudi company, and confront the tribes against the Saudi project in Mahara.

The sources added that among those militias that moved to the Camp, elements of the masked Bakriat, specialized in hunting and assassinations.


Sameera Hassn