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Security arrests suspects accused of detonation bombs in Sanaa

SANAA, Oct. 1 (YPA) – Security forces in the capital Sanaa arrested three suspected hand grenades last September in a residential area for the purpose of intimidating citizens and disrupting public security, according to security source.

The source said that, the security men arrested the suspects who admitted the detonation of three hand grenades, the first on September 11 in a residential neighborhood in the area of Jeder, wounding the child, Bashir Salah, and the bombing of a sound bomb on the 17th of the same month in the same area caused to scare the inhabitants, as well as the bombing of a bomb on the afternoon of September 22 behind the Bush station.
The security department of Bani Harith district that the defendants were detonating bombs and run away, confirming that after the investigation and follow-up the security men were reached and detained them to complete the investigations.