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Al-Houthi puts UAE rulers in bind

SANAA, Sept. 28 (YPA) – The head of the Supreme Revolutionary Committee, Mohammed Ali Al-houthi, put the Rulers of the UAE in a bind by opening the most dangerous files of the UAE-Saudi relations on the well of Bin-Eids, located in Ramlah-Orooq-Shaiba area controlled by the Saudi.
Al-houthi said in his tweeter page on Thursday, “If the rulers of the UAE were serious about protecting their interests, it would be easier for them to recover the well of Bin-Eids,” Challenging the rulers of the UAE to show the rigor of their coordinating council about that.
Saudi Arabia controls Ramlah-Orooq-Shaiba area of the UAE, which considers as one of the richest oil-rich places, and is only 10 km from its border with Saudi Arabia.

The oil field reserves amounted to about 15 billion barrels of crude oil and 25 trillion cubic meters of gas, and Saudi Aramco began to pump oil from the field in 1998.

Sameera Hassn