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Hadi’s delegation accuses UN envoy of foiling Geneva negotiations

SANAA, Sep. 11 (YPA) – The adviser to exiled Yemeni President, Abdurbo Mansour Hadi, accused the UN envoy to Yemen, Martin Griffith, of foiling the negotiations, against the background of his statements in Geneva, which revealed the irresponsibility of Ansar Allah in the failure of the Geneva negotiations.

“The United Nations envoy and the Houthis bear full responsibility for the failure of the peace process,” said Hadi’s adviser, Yassin Makawi, in an interview with the Saudi daily Okaz.
Makawi said that the solution in Yemen will be military, and that “military operations continue and will achieve victory and resolve,” describing the Sanaa authorities as “the stray and knows only the language of weapons.”
Makawi accused the United Nations that it suffered from “schizophrenia in the management of the political process and speaks in two different ways,” and that this performance is “part of the reason for obstructing the peace efforts,” as described
Makawi also called on the international community and the UN envoy to deal seriously and firmly with the parties of Sana’a “outside the schism in the political process.
The UN envoy announced on Saturday at a press conference in Geneva the failure of the Geneva negotiations between the Yemeni parties after the failure to secure the departure of the delegation of Sanaa.

Sameera Hassn