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The real objectives of using the pretext of “legitimacy of Hadi” in war against Yemen

SANAA, July 3 (YPA) – The leadership of the occupation coalition has again shown that what so-called “the legitimacy of Hadi” is no more than a pretext for waging war against Yemen.

In a less than a month, the UAE occupation forces allowed the outgoing Hadi to return to Aden in an attempt to legitimize the military campaign against Hodeidah in the name of what so-called “Hadi legitimacy”.

Here are the UAE occupation warplanes bombed the” Dates Statue” they made when declared “the cessation of their military operations in Hodeidah”, showing Hadi again the position of the idiot who has no idea of what is going on around him.

In the midst of the events in Yemen, the coalition states have forgotten that this war was waged aiming to restore what so-called Hadi to power and the coalition forces are supposed to be mere soldiers under Hadi’s command, but the reality is that Hadi’s alleged legitimacy is  only a pretext that could not stand on the ground?

Political analysts believe that Hadi’s legitimacy is only a cover for passing US colonial ventures because this alleged “legitimacy” was revoked by the alliance itself when it declared  to stop its military operation on Hodeidah  which considered to be the first evidence confirming that “legitimacy” is  a lie,

Earlier, Hadi was expelled from Aden and detained in Riyadh, as ministers loyal to Hadi government said during May.

According to political analysts, the coalition no longer cares to expose allegations of war against Yemen, as long as the international community and international institutions are still blind to see what is happening in Yemen by the coalition forces.

“What the United States’ offer to the Saudi-led coalition war against Yemen is not just a support but the US is involved in this war a major partner” Fair Media Council organization reported.

Without US refueling, the Saudi operation just would not be possible. It’s US refueling that is making that possible, the organization added.