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Military commander loyal to coalition survives assassination attempt in Taiz

TAIZ, Oct. 27 (YPA) – A field commander affiliated with Islah party  survived an assassination attempt with an explosive device at the al-Aqrawdh Front in Taiz province.

Local sources confirmed that an explosive device exploded and targeted the vehicle carrying Mohammed al-Eid, the commander of al-Aqrawdh Front, killing one of his companions and injuring  four others.

The sources accused coalition gunmen in the same front of planting the explosive device in the camcorder’s vehicle and standing behind an assassination attempt.

Meanwhile, unidentified gunmen opened fire on a citizen while he was inside his car in the Bab Musa area in central Taiz.

The sources pointed to the citizens who tried to help the citizen but he died immediately, while the gunmen fled after committing the crime.