YEMEN Press Agency

Stifling fuel crisis hits Aden

ADEN, Oct. 26 (YPA) – The most public and private fuel stations in the port city of Aden, southern Yemen, suddenly closed their doors to citizens on Tuesday.

Local sources in the city stated that the motorists were surprised by the closure of most of the stations selling oil derivatives, under the pretext that the quantity had run out.

The black market rebounded after the closure of stations in various areas of the city, the sources added.

This comes after a rise in fuel prices last September, while the city is experiencing a stifling electricity crisis.

According to the sources, the price of a benzene gallon with a capacity of 20 liters exceeded 18,000 riyals, and almost non-existent in all stations of the city, controlled by the Saudi-led coalition since mid of the year 2015.