YEMEN Press Agency

Al-Jouba tribes in Marib declare war against coalition forces

MARIB, Oct. 13 (YPA) – Tribes of Al-Jouba district in Marib province on Wednesday declared war against the Saudi-led coalition forces and their mercenaries.

The recent military victories of Sanaa forces in Al-Jouba front have caused major differences between the military leaders of the coalition forces and many members of the Al-Jouba tribes in Marib.

Tribal sources in Marib told “Yemen Press Agency” that the tribes of “Bani Saif Al Musli” confronted at dawn today the coalition forces’ attempt to send large military reinforcements from Marib city towards the mountainous Al-Naq’a area in Al-Jouba district, forcing them to return to the city.

The residents of “Wasit” area and the villages of “Al Buhaibah” and “Al Musli” expelled the coalition and Al-Qaeda recruits from their areas, in order to spare their areas the scourge of war and destruction, according to the source.