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Minister of Defense: Yemen has new military strategy

SANAA, Jul. 13 (YPA) – Minister of Defense, Major General Mohammad Al-Atifi said that Yemen has a new military strategy to keep up with the overall national and regional developments.

In a statement to Saba news Agency, al-Atifi affirmed that “in the seventh year of aggression, the Republic of Yemen possesses capabilities that have been achieved in a short time, defensively, offensively and at various tactical, training and armament levels”.

Major General Al-Atifi indicated that Yemen, with its great victories, stands today on the “threshold of a decisive and powerful stage, the impact of which will extend far beyond what the aggressors imagine in their miscalculations.”

The Minister of Defense stressed that the next will cost the countries involved in aggression a heavy price if they continue their arrogance against Yemen, and this is what they must absorb well and benefit from previous lessons.

He explained that the forces of aggression are practicing their usual allegations, claiming peace and stopping the aggression, but in fact, it is taking all this just for media consumption and exploitation of international and regional positions.

Al-Atifi pointed out that the continuation of the siege and aggression and its dangerous escalation against the Yemeni people is the biggest threat to peace and stability in Yemen, the region and the world.

“In the same course, no positive results can be achieved for any upcoming negotiations as long as there are US-Zionist interventions on the sponsors of peace in the international community,” he added.

He pointed to the nature of events and developments in the districts of Al-Zahir and Al-Sawma’a, southwest of Bayda governorate, and what the aggression mobilized from its terrorist groups from the Al-Qaeda, Daesh and Al-Nusra organizations.

“Resorting to these terrorist groups expresses the great bankruptcy in the combative military position of the countries of aggression,” he said.

“It also revealed the true role of the US regime and its followers and tools in the region who claim to fight these terrorists while they are the ones who support them and line them up against our people.”

He praised  all the Yemeni army fighters stationed in the Bayda axis and all honorable tribesmen for their decisive response to the terrorist elements, in which they were able to crush and clean the areas  of the  terrorist groups .