YEMEN Press Agency

Taiz’s governor Leaves Yemen with his family 

TAIZ, June 4 (YPA) – The governor of Taiz, appointed by the exile President Hadi, Amin Mahmoud left the province on Sunday, a local source told Yemen Press Agency on Monday.

Mahmoud said, he would go on vacation to spend the rest of Ramadan month with his family outside Yemen and did not specify where the destination will be.

Journalists and politicians in Taiz said that Amin Mahmoud had made the decision to “escape” less than half a year after his appointment by Hadi.

They pointed out that the violent conflict witnessed in Taiz between the militias, parties and factions loyal to the coalition against Yemen, which Haid’s government could not stop and control it, is the reason for the decision to leave Mahmoud, and he may return to the State of Canada, where he lived before being summoned and appointed.

Amin Ahmed Mahmood was appointed under Emirati pressure, and the decision was blessed by Nasserites in the areas controlled by the coalition in Taiz, but did not have the support of Islah party, which launched a violent attack in the media and social networking sites and reached hitting his residence in the city center by artillery during armed clashes’ events  in Taiz over March and April.