YEMEN Press Agency

Angry protests in Taiz give coalition deadline of three days to overthrow Shamsan

TAIZ, Jun.04 (YPA) – Hundreds of angry citizens took to the streets on Friday, denouncing the deterioration of services and the corruption of local authority officials in Taiz province, southwest Yemen.

The demonstrators roamed the streets of the city amid the spread of Islah militants to denounce corruption, the collapse of services, economic conditions and high prices.

They demanded the dismissal of the corrupt officials as soon as possible, led by Hadi’s governor, Nabil Shamsan, and the province’s deputies.

They vowed to escalate further in various ways and means available if their demands were not met.

The protesters gave Saudi-led coalition  and Hadi government deadline of three days to overthrew Nabil Shamsan and other corrupt officials in the province.