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Dozens rally in Lahj to protest against deterioration of basic services

LAHJ, March 30 (YPA) – Dozens of citizens in Yemen’s southern province of Lahj demonstrated on Tuesday in a protest rally against the deterioration of basic services.

In the rally, the angry protesters set fire to tyres on the main road in Al-Anad area in Toban district because of the lack of services, oil derivatives and the high prices of foodstuffs.

The participants blamed the Saudi-exiled Hadi government the deliberate negligence of the essential needs in the province.

They accused Lahj governor, appointed by the Saudi-led coalition and loyal to Islah Party, Ahmed al-Turki, of fabricating the economic crises and his lack of seriousness in improving basic services.

The rally held al-Turki full responsible for the rise in food prices with the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan.