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20 shocking photos reveal crimes committed against displaced in Marib

SANAA, March 29 (YPA) – Activists on social media circulated on Monday many tragic pictures of the suffering of the displaced in Marib province, as a result of the Saudi-led coalition forces preventing them from leaving the camps and using them as human shields.

The photos showed the great suffering of the internally displaced people (IDP) due to the approaching battles towards them in the safe areas east of the city of Marib.

The activists called on international humanitarian organizations to intervene quickly to put pressure on the coalition forces to allow IDP to leave the camps to safe areas, and not use them as human shields.

Earlier in the day, local sources in the city of Marib reported that the coalition forces stationed inside the IDP camps in ‘Al-Suwaida’ area, north of Marib city, bombed the sites of Sanaa forces with Katyusha rockets.

The sources also indicated on Sunday evening that the coalition forces prevented the displaced from leaving the IDP camps, which were turned into military barracks by the coalition forces and Al-Qaeda operatives.