YEMEN Press Agency

ISIS leader in Syria calls on al-Qaeda elements to fight in Marib

SANAA, March 12 (YPA) – Abdullah al-Muhaysini, goes by the name of  “Abu Kadi”,  a senior leader in al-Qaeda’s Syrian-based Nusra Front, renewed his call for supporters in the terrorist organizations in Syria backed by the Turkish army, to fight in Marib city, in support of the collapsed coalition forces in the city,


“If Marib fell down, is the shaver (destructive),” al-Muhaysni, a Saudi cleric and one of the leaders of  Daesh (ISIS)  in Syria, said in an audio recording.

It comes after days of reports about Turkey’s involvement in the Saudi-led  coalition against Yemen and the registration of Syrian mercenary fighters by extremist and Turkish army – backed factions in Syria to fight in Marib at a monthly salary of up to $4,000.