YEMEN Press Agency

Clashes break out in Aden

ADEN, March 08 (YPA) -Violent clashes broke out between the UAE-backed southern Transitional Council (STC) militias and protesters in Aden, local sources reported.

According to the sources , the clashes that broke out in Rabat, north of the city.

The clashes erupted as protesters cut off the main streets in the city.
The violence is in an indication of the escalation of tension and confrontations caused by popular anger due to the collapse of the living situation.

On Sunday, demonstrators cut off many main roads that link Khur Maksar and al-Mansoura areas, expressing their anger and demanding the expulsion of Hadi’s government from the region.

The STC forces subsequently opened fire to disperse the demonstrators demanding improvement of basic services, including electricity and health.