YEMEN Press Agency

Sanaa calls on int’l community to condemn cooperation between Saudi-led coalition, Al-Qaeda

SANAA, March 07 (YPA) – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sanaa on Sunday called on the international community to condemn the existing cooperation between Saudi-led coalition countries and Al-Qaeda organization.

This came in letters the Ministry addressed to all permanent delegations to the UN in New York, the UN Secretary-General’s office, the President of the Security Council and all members of the Council, permanent delegations to the European headquarters of the UN in Geneva, the office of the Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General to Yemen in Sanaa, and the group of 19 countries interested in the political settlement in Yemen.

The Foreign Ministry called for pressing the coalition countries to stop their financial and military support for this terrorist organization in Yemen and close its camps.

The letters included a detailed report on Al-Qaeda activity in Marib province, which was recently published by the Security and Intelligence Service in Sanaa.

The Ministry expressed the hope that the report would receive the attention of the Security Council, counter-terrorism committees, and the international community.

In its letters, the Ministry condemned the continued recognition of the false legitimacy, of which Al-Qaeda is an integral part, stressing that continuing this position is a very dangerous matter that contradicts the aspirations and interests of the Yemeni people and the international peace and security requirements.