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Yemeni forces confuse coalition forces with rapid advancements

MARIB, Feb. 23 (YPA) – Yemeni army, backed by popular committees on Monday dealt a fresh blow to Saudi-led coalition forces by countering the biggest recent military offensive in the desert areas between the northern city of Marib and the Al-Yatamah desert in the southeast of Jawf province.

The accelerated field achievements made by  the Yemeni army forces and popular committees on several fronts of Marib city, have caused a great shock to the coalition forces and the colonial states supporting them, headed by the United States, Britain and the Zionist occupation entity, which confused all the papers and made the coalition forces live in a great state of confusion.

A terrible failure

In the past few hours, the coalition forces have failed to recapture areas recently cleared by the Yemeni army forces in the northeast of Marib province, despite heavy air cover by coalition aircraft.

According to local sources in the province, the army forces were able in the past few hours to counter three military attacks carried out by the coalition forces, under heavy air cover, towards desert areas.

Al-Nadhood Front

The sources said that the army forces and committees confronted a major military attack by the coalition forces backed by heavy air cover. They started trying to advance from Rawaik camp towards the area “Al-Nadhood” northeast of Marib city.

The sources explained that the army’s artillery units bombed the coalition forces, and carried out a successful detour, forcing coalition soldiers into retreat into their military positions in camp “Rawaik”, after suffering heavy losses .

The sources added that Brigadier General Nasser Saeed al-Barhati, staff officer of 26 Mika Brigade was killed during the attack.

Al-A’aqsha Front

The sources pointed out, that the army forces also managed to counter another advance towards the Desert of Al-Yatamah in Jawf province

The sources confirmed that the they carried out a successful detour from the side of the Labanat camp, east of al-Hazm district, and targeted the coalition soldiers in the same area.

The sources said that the army forces destroyed 13 armored and military vehicles, using Kornet rockets, leaving dozens of the mercenaries dead and wounded.

Al-Jadafer Front

In the fighting on the outskirts of Raghwan district, north of Marib city, they army forces were able to counter a third coalition military offensive towards the Al-Jadafar front.

The sources said that the army forces advanced towards the area of “Asdas”, the last position of the coalition forces in the district of Raghwan north of the city.