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Coalition establishes 13 new “Takfiri centers” in occupied provinces: Report

SANAA, Jan.19 (YPA) – The Media Center for the Southern Provinces has revealed, in a recent report, that the Saudi-led coalition countries had established 13 new ‘Takfiri’ centers (for religious extremists )in Lahj, Mahrah, Dhalea provinces, and areas near Shabwa province, southern Yemen.


The report indicated that the coalition countries’ financing of such centers in strategic areas with dense population located between the provinces of Lahj and Taiz, aimed at attracting the largest possible number of youth.


These centers are working to attract hundreds of youth from the provinces of Hadramout, Shabwa and Abyan, and then transfer them to the two major mobilization centers in Lahj and Mahrah and the center of the Takfiri extremist called Yahya Al-Hajouri, which was established with Saudi-Emirati financing in Al-Jouba city, south of Marib and east of Shabwa province, according to the Media Center’s report.


During the past three years, Saudi Arabia has funded seven extremist religious centers in Mahra province, in each of the border district of Shehin, Haswain and Qashn districts, and the suburbs of Al-Ghaydha city.


The report stated that “those centers, supported by Saudi Arabia, are new arms, in which hundreds of foreign elements are present.”


Such move aims to consecrate the Saudi occupation in Mahra province and give the countries of global arrogance (America and Britain) a green light to establish military bases under the pretext of combating terrorism and confronting maritime piracy on the shores of the Arab Sea, the report added.


“Financing and establishing Wahhabi centers in strategic sensitive areas, such as the western gate of Bab al-Mandab strait and the eastern gate of Yemen in Mahra province, is a malicious scheme and a major conspiracy targeting security and stability in Yemen,” the Media center said.


The report warned against the existence of these “Wahhabi-takfiri centers” in sensitive areas according to the desire of the coalition countries, which would threaten the security of the Red Sea and Bab al-Mandab.


It indicated that the coalition countries would use “these terrorist dens” in the future to threaten maritime navigation in the Red Sea, with the aim of controlling the Bab al-Mandab Strait under the pretext of protecting the international trade corridor from any terrorist attacks.