YEMEN Press Agency

Islah militants move to rehabilitate Al-Hayma Port

HODEIDAH, Jan. 14 (YPA) – The so-called “Islah resistance” on the west coast is moving to rehabilitate the of Al-Hayma port in the Red Sea Port City of Hodeidah, local sources said on Wednesday.

According to the source, military leaders of the Tihama discussed the idea of the project to rehabilitate the port of Al-Hayma located in al-Khokah district after the closure of Mocha port militarily by the UAE occupation forces in early 2017.

The source explained that the trend of the leaders to rehabilitate the port of Al-Hayma in under the pretext of receiving commercial ships and humanitarian aid.

In the past few days, military leaders in the so-called Resistance of Tihama” have demanded the expulsion of Tariq Afash and his gunmen from the west coast, after the escalation of violations against the Tihama sons, and preventing them from building on their land near the port of Mocha.