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UN stands with human rights’ violators in Yemen: HR

SANAA, Dec. 10 (YPA) – Ministry of Human Rights confirmed on Thursday that United Nations and its organizations and bodies concerned with human rights have become has become standing with violators of human rights in Yemen.

The Ministry stated the UN claims to protect the human rights and the laws, principles, decisions and treaties in the world, is propaganda.

The ministry said in a statement on the occasion of the International Human Rights Day that the voice of the United Nations became faded and cold due to its failure to respond to the voices of the grieving children, women and elderly people in Yemen.

How the world and the United Nations can celebrate the International Day of Human Rights, and there are violations, crimes and genocide committed by the Saudi-led coalition against the Yemeni people for six years? the minister asked.

It explained over 45,000 civilians have been killed or injured, and a Yemeni child dies every ten minutes from malnutrition, and more than 300,000 suffer from serious diseases due to the war and the siege imposed by the Saudi-UAE coalition, which led to systematic destruction of the infrastructure and an outbreak of diseases.

The statement indicated that the international community knows that the coalition was able to change the principles of human rights and removing the name of the coalition from the list of human rights’ violators and its crimes committed in Yemen.

The ministry called on the United Nations and the international community to review their accounts, not double standards, and save human principles and rights from the violations.

The statement renewed its call on the United Nations to raise their voices in establishing the right and ending the war, killing, destruction and its siege imposed by the coalition on the Yemeni people for nearly six years.

At the same time, it called on the world’s free jurists to play their role to reach the international legal prosecution against the perpetrators of war crimes and genocide on the Yemeni people by the Saudi and Emirati regimes.