YEMEN Press Agency

Yemeni army beats back mercenaries offensive in Marib

MARIB, Dec. 3 (YPA) – Saudi-led Coalition forces and their mercenaries on Thursday launched a major military offensive against areas that have recently taken control of Yemeni army forces and popular committees in the battles that are currently being conducted on the fronts northwest of Marib province, military courses said.

According to the military sources, the army forces and committees were able to thwart la large advance of coalition forces towards the area of ” Hajar Alajooz” between the fronts of the districts of Ragwan and Medghal, north of Marib city,.

The sources pointed out that the army forces carried out tactical Encirclement al-Kasarah and al-Fatikha targeted the coalition forces as they tried to march towards Hajar Alajooz area.

Moreover, the sources confirmed that dozens of coalition mercenaries were killed and wounded, including high-ranking military commanders.

Furthermore, the sources confirmed that the most prominent military coalition commander were killed are  “Saddam al-Hajj” one of the leaders of the “81st Infantry Brigade” and the two commanders called “Fouad al-Abyad” and “Abdul Ilah Al-Qars”.