YEMEN Press Agency

Bandit gangs spread largely in coalition-held areas in Marib

MARIB, Nov. 5 (YPA) – The areas occupied by Saudi-led coalition forces in Marib province, southeast Yemen, have witnessed for weeks a large spread of bandit gangs that attack travelers and cargo trucks on roads.

Residents said that hundreds of travelers and dozens of locomotives and trucks have been subjected to banditry and looting by gangs, in full view of the coalition forces.

“The coalition forces and Hadi’s government with its army could not secure the road for travelers and owners of transport trucks from Al-Alam point to Al-Ruwaik Junction and Ghwer area,” said Sheikh Hamad al-Shabwani, one of prominent sheikhs of Abidah tribe, on a post on his Facebook page Wednesday.

In a previous post on October 31, Al-Shabwani said that “Ahmed Mubarak Saqian” leads gangs that attack travelers in the Al-Ruwaik – Al-Abr road linking to the provinces of Marib and Hadramout and Al-Wadia’ border crossing, despite the existence of the coalition forces’ military points on the road.