YEMEN Press Agency

Citizens rescue man from being slaughtered in Taiz

TAIZ, Oct. 18 (YPA) – An elderly man escaped from death by slaughtering after his relatives rescued him in the last moments in the areas controlled by “Hadi government” in Taiz city, local sources reported on Saturday.

The sources said that a 33-year-old soldier from the so-called “the 22nd Mika Brigade”, called Al-Mahtabi, attacked a car workshop’s owner in “Bir Basha” area, but a number of people rushed and managed to rescue the man before the soldier completed his crime.

“Citizens rescued the elderly owner of the workshop from the perpetrator’s hand before separating the victim’s neck from his body, in a horrific scene simulating the crimes of al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists,” said the sources.

The wound did not reach the artery, and the victim was taken to a hospital in the area, they added.

It is noteworthy that the areas under the control of the “Hadi government” witness horrific crimes and continuous violations against citizens.