YEMEN Press Agency

‘Hadi government’ forces Yemeni Airlines to retire

CAIRO, Oct. 5 (YPA) – Chairman of board of directors of the Egyptian Alexandria Airlines Company, Hani Othman, said that the company would launch its first direct flights Cairo-Aden-Sayoun next Tuesday at the rate of four flights per week.

Othman explained, in a press statement, that this step expands the process of cooperation in the field of aviation and passenger movement in the two countries, and contributes to activating tourism and economic movement in the future, as he said.

Observers considered that this move means that Yemen Airways, which is run by Hadi’s government, has been referred to retirement.

This comes after the Yemeni Airlines fleet, controlled by Saudi-led coalition in Aden, was systematically destroyed as a result of the lack of the periodic maintenance of aircraft, which became almost dilapidated.