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Mexico exceeds 700,000 cases of Corona virus

SANAA, Sept. 22 (YPA) – The number of the new coronavirus (COVID-19 )  infections in Mexico exceeded 700,000 on Monday, although authorities acknowledged that the real number of infections in the country, which ranks sixth in the world, is higher.

Mexico has the fourth highest number of deaths attributed to the epidemic in the world.

The Ministry of Health recorded 2,917 cases of coronavirus infections on Monday, bringing the total to 700,580 in addition to 73,697 deaths

But authorities, including Deputy Health Minister Hugo López Gatell, who is leading the coronavirus control strategy, acknowledged that the real number of cases in the country is much higher.

López Gatell argues that there are indications that the outbreak in Mexico has slowed over the past two months.

“We have now seen seven consecutive weeks of decline in reference to the rate of injuries, hospitalizations and deaths,” he said at a press conference.