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During 2,000 days of aggression: 43,181 citizens killed and injured, including women and children

SANAA, Sept. 14 (YPA) – Eye Humanity Center for Rights and Development released on Sunday the statistics of the crimes of the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression during 2000 days of aggression.

The center indicted the total number of martyrs and wounded during 2000 days of aggression reached 43,181.

The number of martyrs reached 16,978, including 3,790 children and 2,381 women, while the number of wounded in reached 26,203, including 4,089 children and 2,780 women, according to the report released by the center.

The total number of destroyed and damaged facilities in Yemen’s infrastructure reached 9,135, the report said, adding that the aggression destroyed and damaged 15 airports, 16 ports, 304 stations, generators and 537 networks and telecommunication stations.

The Report confirmed that the aggression deliberately destroyed and targeted 2,098 reservoirs, water networks, 1,965 government facilities and 4,200 roads and bridges.

The number of civilian homes destroyed and damaged by the aggression amounted to 565,973 houses, while service facilities amounted to 576,528 facilities, the report showed, adding that the aggression led to the destruction of 176 university facilities, 1,375 mosques, 365 tourist facilities and 389 hospitals and health facilities.

The report indicated that the aggression deliberately destroyed and targeted 1,095 schools, educational centres, 6,732 agricultural fields, 132 sports facilities, 244 archaeological sites and 47 media facilities.

With regard to economic facilities, 22,404 economic facilities were destroyed and damaged as a result of the aggression. In addition, 392 factories, 286 fuel tankers, 11,227 commercial establishments and 407 chicken and livestock farms were damaged and destroyed.

The Centre also confirmed that the attack destroyed 6,899 transport vehicles, 463 fishing boats, 884 food stores, 391 gas stations, 672 markets and 783 food trucks.