YEMEN Press Agency

Greece expresses its readiness to dialogue with Turkey

ATHENA, Sep. 10 (YPA) – Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis said, in an opinion piece published Thursday, that the European Union should impose “meaningful” sanctions on Turkey if it does not withdraw its naval vessels from the disputed areas in the eastern Mediterranean.

“We really need dialogue, but not under threat. What threatens the security and stability of my country threatens the prosperity and safety of all European Union member states,” Mitsotakis added in the article, which was published by several European newspapers.

The bloc leaders are expected to determine their response to Turkey this month.

“Turkey still has time to avoid sanctions and take a step back,” the Greek Prime Minister said. “They have to step back, go back to the table and resume work from where they left when they left the exploratory talks in 2016.”

He continued “If we are not able to agree, then we must seek a solution in The Hague,” referring to the international tribunal that deals with disputes over sovereignty.