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Sanaa judicially demands coalition to pay fines for delaying fuel ships

SANAA, Aug. 15 (YPA) – Minister of Oil and Minerals Ahmed Daress on Saturday directed the Ministry of Legal Affairs to coordinate with merchants’ representatives and senior lawyers to file lawsuits against Saudi-led coalition countries to demand them to pay fines of delaying for the held fuel ships.

This came during his presiding a meeting held in Sanaa to discuss procedures related to filing lawsuits against the coalition for holding fuel ships, which inflicts financial fines on the Yemeni people for that.

At the meeting, Daress indicated that the continued detention of fuel ships costs fines estimated at about $ 250 million, borne by the Yemeni citizen must bear, which exacerbates his living suffering.

The Oil Minister called on international and human rights organizations to play their role in pressuring the coalition countries to release the held ships and not to practice maritime piracy against the oil derivatives shipments.

For his part, the Executive Director of the Yemeni Petroleum Company, Ammar al-Adhrai, explained that the aggression coalition forces are still holding 18 ships loaded with oil products, including two carrying mazut and two others carrying domestic gas.

He indicated that the detention period of some ships reached nearly five months, which caused heavy fines.

The fines for delaying fuel ships amounted to more than $ 31 million during the year 2019, while the fines during the past period of this year amounted to $ 70 million, al-Adhrai explained.