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Abdulsalam describes declaration of direct relationship between UAE, Israel as US propaganda

SANAA, Aug. 14 (YPA) – Head of the negotiating delegation, Mohammed Abdulsalam on Thursday described the announcement of establishing a direct relationship between the UAE and Israel as US propaganda.

“The nation’s issues are being sold today on the sidewalk of the American elections,” said Abdulsalam in a statement to Al-Masirah TV channel.

Abdulsalam affirmed that the enemy’s entity would not stop settling, and the UAE claim to stop it is a naive claim to justify its position.

He pointed out that “the resistance axis has proven that whoever stands on the side of Palestine is who has the right and correct position.”

Abdulsalam noted that “Saudi Arabia along with the UAE are a link in the series of the Zionist project in the region, as they are the sponsors of the deal of the century, but it (Saudi Arabia) does not want to appear.”