YEMEN Press Agency

Turkey launches raids inside Iraqi territory

BAGHDAD, Aug. 1 (YPA) – A Turkish military plane bombed Friday evening the village of Karbali in the district of Mankeshik Zakho in Dohuk governorate, as part of Turkey’s ongoing military operations in the Kurdistan region.

Director of the district, Mushtaq Esmat, said in statements to the Kurdish “Rudaw” network, that “at eight o’clock this evening, a Turkish plane launched three raids on the Shevky River in Karbli village,” noting that it was not yet known the size of the losses due to the bombing, because it was not possible to go to the village and examine the damage.

Turkey launched in the middle of last June, “Claw – Eagle Operation “, which it said was “targeting the PKK sites inside the territory of the region”, and came two days after a ground campaign in the name of “Claw – Tiger” it launched in Haftinin area in Dohuk in northern Iraq.