YEMEN Press Agency

Iraqi air forces attack Daesh terrorists in Kirkuk

SANAA, July 31 (YPA) – The Iraqi Ministry of Defense announced on Friday that Iraqi warplanes carried out precision airstrikes, destroying wheels used by Daesh terrorist organization.

“A joint operation was carried out by the Iraqi forces in accordance with accurate intelligence hit gatherings of the ISIS militants in the Tea Valley area of Daquq district, Kirkuk province,” the Iraqi Ministry of Defense said in a statement.

“The strikes resulted in the destruction of two Honda-type vehicles used by Daesh militants to carry out their terrorist operations, as well as the destruction of a pick-up wheel, as well as a fuel tank for the terrorists, the statement added.

Iraqi security forces continue to search, clean up and pursue remnants of Daesh across the country, to ensure that the group and its fleeing elements do not re-emerge.

In December 2017, Iraq declared the liberation of its entire territory from ISIS after nearly three and a half years of confrontations with the terrorist group, which has occupied about a third of the country.