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Kuwait warns Egypt against abuses

SANAA, July 31 (YPA) – The Embassy of the State of Kuwait in Cairo issued a statement today, Friday, calling on the Egyptian authorities to take the necessary measures to deter the abusive practices of Kuwait.

According to the Kuwaiti News Agency, the embassy said in a statement that it “follows up with great dismay what has been circulated on Thursday, including a call to burn the flag of the State of Kuwait.”

The Embassy stressed that “this act, which represents a serious and unacceptable abuse of the State of Kuwait and its national symbol, would have a negative impact on the fraternal relations between the two countries.”

It noted that “this shameful act has provoked great resentment among the official and popular circles in the State of Kuwait and represented a wound in the conscience of its people.”

In this regard, the Embassy called on the authorities in the Republic of Egypt to take the necessary measures to deter such unacceptable practices and  hold accountable those who made, participated and promoted such abuses.