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Land Transport Authority condemns aggression detention for oil derivative vessels

SANAA, July 1 (YPA) – The General Authority for Regulating Land Transport Affairs condemned the continued detention of the aggression coalition for oil derivative vessels and preventing it from entering the port of Hodeidah.

In its statement, the Authority considered the detention of ships criminal acts incompatible with religion, laws, international and humanitarian and human rights agreements.

She pointed to the scale of the disaster on the road transport sector, which includes more than 150,000 different means of transport due to the seizure of oil derivative ships.

The statement pointed out that there are more than 80 thousand means of transporting passengers and more than 70 thousand heavy means of transporting goods and food and basic goods between governorates, pointing out that stopping them will lead to famine, not to mention the damage to the agricultural sector by the accumulation of agricultural products among farmers and the lack of access to the rest of the provinces .

The statement stressed that the suspension of transportation due to the lack of oil derivatives will be reflected in all service sectors related to the lives of citizens.

The statement condemned the international silence on this crime, blaming the United Nations and the Security Council for all the crimes committed by the coalition of Aggression and the total Blockade for more than five years.