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Officer of Hadi’s forces reveals secret prisons of Al-Qaeda, ISIS in Marib

MARIB, June 30 (YPA) – A senior officer of Hadi’s government forces on Tuesday revealed the existence of secret headquarters and prisons run by Al-Qaeda and ISS operatives in Marib province.

Ali bin Mohsin Salah, one of general staff officers of Hadi’s forces, said in a post on Facebook that “There are camps, headquarters and prisons belonging to Al-Qaeda and ISIS organizations in Marib.”

Salah wondered why Saudi-led coalition forces and Islah Party militias did not take any measures against those secret headquarters and prisons, ‘despite their knowledge of them !!.”

“We did not see anyone from those who attacked Subia’an family in Wadi Abidah in Marib city launching any attack or objection on those terrorist elements,” he added.