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What is behind Eritrean move on Yemeni island of Honish?

SANAA, June 2 (YPA) – Eritrea once again ventures on the Yemeni island of Honish, taking advantage of the circumstances in Yemen to try to repeat the experience of 1995 and its occupation of the island.

Although Hadi’s government denied the authenticity of the reports circulated by the media about the presence of Eritrean forces on the island, the Eritrean move to occupy the island became clear through repeated attacks on fishermen and its forces attacking the island from time to time.

Observers believe that the suspicious relationship between Israel and Eritrea may be behind the latest Eritrean move, which may end in an Eritrean adventure to occupy the island, which will allow an Israeli military presence on the island.

According to the observers, the Eritrean moves are carried out in coordination with Saudi-led coalition countries and under American sponsorship, given that the coalition project in Yemen does not come out from under the cloak of the Americans supporting Israel in the region, especially in the Red Sea.

Israel has been keen to have a large presence along the maritime shipping line in the Red Sea to protect its strategic interests in the region, and it was able to weave economic and military relations with the countries of the Horn of Africa, including Eritrea, which is one of the most important allies of Israel.

There are Israeli military bases on Eritrea’s territory on Fatima island and Dahlak island, south of the Red Sea, in addition to a military base in the Eritrean port of Massawa.

It is known that Honish Island is the largest of five islands controlling the Strait of Bab Al-Mandab. The island is considered as the point of linking between the Indian Ocean, the Gulf of Aden, the Red Sea and the White Sea, which makes it a priority for the Israelis. In case of controlling the island, Israel will be able to monitor military movements in the Red Sea and sea navigation, including Israeli ships.