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Balhaf: Saudi reinforcements arrive in Socotra to occupy the island

MAHRAH, May 5 (YPA) – Saudi military reinforcements arrived Monday evening in the province of the Socotra Island .

Ahmed Balhaf, the head of external communication for Mahrah’s sit-in  has confirmed that a Saudi plane carrying military reinforcements and heavy weapons arrived in Socotra on Moday .

Balhaf said the arrival of Saudi reinforcements gives a clear picture of the meaning of the points of the recent agreement in the island’s capital, Hadebo, which Saudi Arabia sponsored between “Hadi” and the UAE-backed Southern transitional Council (STC).

He deemed the terms of the agreement as a mere circumvention to find an entrance to legalese Saudi Arabia’s occupation of the island.

Other reports have reported that two Saudi military aircraft with heavy and various weapons arriving in Socotra, in support of Hadi’s forces, which are in conflict with the STC, have arrived in the archipelago.

According to observers, both Saudi Arabia and the UAE are seeking to take control of Socotra island, through their tools of Hadi and STC forces.