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Saudi Arabia executes Yemeni resident in Riyadh

RIYADH, April 16 (YPA) – Saudi authorities on Thursday implemented the death sentence against a Yemeni resident who carried out an armed attack with a sharp object on one of the show teams participating in the “Riyadh season” in Al-Malaz Park.

The Saudi Ministry of Interior announced, in a statement issued Thursday, that it carried out the death sentence against Emad Abdelqawi al-Mansouri, a Yemeni national, who carried out an armed attack by stabbing two men and a woman from one of the show squads and a security guard, commissioned by one of al-Qaeda leaders in Yemen, and his affiliation with that organization and his participation in it in the fighting (according to what the statement said).

The Saudi Criminal Court confirmed that what was committed by the attacker was considered a form of spoilage and corruption on the ground, and he was sentenced to death.

On November 12, 2019, activists on social networking sites posted videos and pictures of a theatrical show during the Riyadh season, in which a person stormed the show and attacked the actors.