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Deputy Mahara sit-in committee calls on Britain to withdraw its forces

MAHARA, April 15 (YPA) – The deputy head of the organizing committee for the sit-in of the peaceful Mahara people, Sheikh Abboud bin Heboud bin Qumsit, revealed the landing of British forces in Mahara, calling on Britain to withdraw its soldiers from Mahra and not participate in the “Saudi occupation of Mahra” according to his confirmation.
Sheikh Abboud bin Heboud said in a post on his Facebook page on Tuesday night: “We call on the British government represented by the British Ambassador to Yemen, Mr. Michael Aaron, to take an urgent position regarding what is happening in Mahrah from the Saudi forces.”
Sheikh Qumsit confirmed what local sources revealed to Yemen Press Agency about the arrival of Saudi military tankers in Mahara, saying: “The Saudi forces have strengthened their military presence in the province during the past two days.”
Sheikh Qumsit, in turn, demanded that Britain “leave the British soldiers from the province and not participate in the occupation of Mahara,” revealing the landing of British forces in Mahrah.
The claim by Sheikh Qumsit, coinciding with the confirmation of local sources in Mahra Governorate, comes on Tuesday, “The arrival of 12 Saudi military tankers with equipment and ammunition, a dangerous indication of a trend to explode the military situation in Al-Mahara.”
According to field sources in Mahra Governorate, “Saudi forces imposed control over all sea and land outlets for Mahara, including Ghaida International Airport, which made it a US and British military base in the Arabian Sea.”
It is noteworthy that Saudi Arabia has been working since the war that led it to impose its military control on Mahara, through its forces and militias supporting it, to extend the pipeline to export oil from its lands to an active port in the Arab Sea through Mahara lands.