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Al-Mortadha: Saudi-led coalition hinders implementing Amman agreement

SANAA, April 2 (YPA) –  The chairman of the National Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs Abdul Qadir al-Mortadha confirmed procrastination of Saudi-led coalition forces in submitting the statements of their prisoners hindered implementation of the prisoners’ agreement signed in Jordan.

“For our part, we have submitted all the required statements from us in full, but the party of the forces of aggression has so far submitted only a portion of the required statements from it. Coalition-backed government is still delaying the submission of the rest of the statements, which hindered the implementation of the agreement,” al-Mortadha said in a tweet on Thursday.

Al-Mortadha called on the United Nations to put pressure on the coalition forces and oblige them to implement the agreement.

He added that, “amid the spread of the coronavirus in most countries of the world, and it is highly risk to prisoners more than others, stressing Sanaa’s readiness to implement the agreement as soon as possible.”