YEMEN Press Agency

Prime Minister calls int’l organizations to support Yemen health sector

SANAA, April 1 (YPA) – Prime Minister Dr. Abdulaziz Saleh bin Habtour on Wednesday called on the international and humanitarian organizations to support the health sector in Yemen and its precautionary plans to face of the Corona virus.

The move came during his meeting with the U.N. humanitarian coordinator for Yemen, Lise Grande.

At the meeting, the officials reviewed the precautionary measures taken by the National Salvation Government to confront the virus and reduced from the potential risks to the health and safety of citizens in light of the challenges and difficulties faced by the health sector as a result of the continued aggression and the siege imposed by the Saudi-UAE coalition on Yemen.

The meeting stressed on the importance of enhancing the joint action with the international work system in Yemen, and the stability of various humanitarian activities in Sanaa and the other provinces.

Meanwhile, Grande praised the early precautionary measures taken by the government in Sanaa in the context of facing the Corona epidemic.

Grande affirmed also the World Health Organization and UNICEF’s keenness to support the plan of the Ministry of Public Health and the ministries concerned directly in the precautionary confrontation of this pandemic.