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Saudi occupation transports 9 people infected with Corona virus to Nashtwn port

SANAA, March 23 (YPA) – The official of the external communication in Mahra sit-in committee, Ahmed Belhaf, revealed that the Saudi occupation transferred nine persons infected with Corona virus to Nashtwn port in Mahra province, eastern Yemen.
Belhaf said on Twitter that the Saudi occupation transferred three soldiers from it forces, and six of its militias in the Coast Guard, to Nashtwn port .
Belhaf pointed out that Saudi Arabia has established a quarantine building inside the port, which threatens to transmit the virus to the residents of the province.
Belhaf called for removing those infected with the Corona virus from the port and transferring them to Aden.
Al-Mahra sit-in calls for the exit of the Saudi occupation forces, since the end of 2017, which took control of all land and sea ports, including Ghaydah Airport, and turned it into an American and British military base overlooking the Arabian Sea.