YEMEN Press Agency

Syrian army liberates 8 villages in southern Idlib countryside

SANAA, Feb. 25 (YPA) – Syrian army units continued their progress in southern countryside of Idlib, liberating al-Nar hill and eight villages after battles with Takfiri groups, which ended with the elimination of their last gatherings.

SANA agency reported on Tuesday that units of the army have fought during the past hours clashes with takfiris from the Jabhat al-Nusra group and associated groups supported by the Turkish regime and liberated the villages of Ma`rat Horma, Ma`zitiya and Jabaliya in the southern countryside of Idlib, killing a number of takfiris and destroying their mechanisms.”

Syrian army units pursued the remains of the Takfiri gangs who flee towards Deir Sunbul and Tarmala, in parallel with targeting the locations of the Takfiri groups in the villages of Maarazina, Ma`rat Haramah, and Tarmala, and inflicting the Takfiri losses in lives and equipment.