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IOM reveals serious information on exploitation of African migrants against Yemen

SANAA, Feb. 15 (YPA) – In 2019, 138,000 people crossed the Horn of Africa into Yemen, nine times more than immigrants to Europe, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said Friday.

The organization revealed serious information regarding the provision of Saudi facilities for migrants from the Horn of Africa to stay in the kingdom, in contravention of the complexities imposed by Saudi Arabia on expatriates.

According to the ( IOM), Saudi Arabia signed an agreement with the Ethiopian side in 2019 to receive 100,000 workers in the Kingdom, knowing that Riyadh has never signed agreements to attract employment officially, which depended on the efforts of individuals to bring in employment into Saudi Arabia.

Observers say the recent facilities for African migrants, 90% of whom hold Ethiopian nationality, in Saudi Arabia are part of attempts by coalition countries to lure Ethiopia alongside the coalition in the war on Yemen, after Addis Ababa expressed a neutral stance on the coalition’s war on Yemen.

Last month, the interior ministry in Sanaa warned of an increase in the number of migrants from the Horn of Africa to Yemen, given the current circumstances in Yemen.

There have been reports of a rise in illegal acts by African immigrants in Yemen.