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Falcon reveals facts about internet outage in Yemen

SANAA, Jan. 14 (YPA) – Global Cloud Xchange for internet cable supply company, has refuted all allegations and claims about the reasons for the exit of 80% of the internet capacity in Yemen.

“The Falcon’s the international marine cable,  the owner company (GCX) confirmed what” Telecommunications Corporation and the Yemeni International Telecommunications Company (Telemen) said in their joint statement about the internet outage in Yemen.

On Thursday, 9 January 2020, GCX suffered two major cable cuts off-shore Port Suez, the Global Cloud Xchange said in a statement published on its website under title” GCX Subsea Cable Update – FALCON and FEA”

According to GCX , the cable routes impacted include FALCON between Muscat and Suez and FEA between Mumbai and Suez.

Initial findings indicate that probable cause was an anchor drag by a large merchant vessel in the immediate area, the statement read.

GCX has initiated mobilization of the repair ships and is working to apply for required permits. Estimated time of repair completion will depend on the availability of permits.

All Layer 1 traffic on the impacted routes remain hard down, the statement said

It confirmed that restoration for customers is being worked out for critical routes through various available options (including third party cables, where ever feasible).

Customers should contact their respective account managers for further updates on the restoration process.

GCX team is working around the clock to ensure we place top priority in expediting the repair and restoration process, the statement concluded.