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Saudi war goals in Yemen unfold day after another: Mahra sit-in spokesman

MAHRA, Dec. 2 (YPA) – Spokesman of the peaceful sit-in committee in Mahra province Ahmed Balhaf said that the objectives of Saudi war on Yemen nearly five years ago have been unfolding day after another.

“The picture becomes clear day after day to reveal the goal of the Saudi-led war on Yemen nearly five years ago, which caused Yemen to reach the worst humanitarian crisis in the world according to reports of international organizations,” Balhaf said in a tweet on Sunday evening.

Balhaf commented on the meeting of Prime Minister in Hadi’s government with commander of the Saudi-UAE coalition, saying “What legitimacy of those, whose movements and decisions supervised by a Saudi soldier?!”

He added that “Aden is subject to the soldier himself, and even those who claim to be the owners of a case do not move an inch without his permission.”

The spokesman considered that a reason for the continuation and expansion of the popular movement rejecting the Saudi presence in Mahra and other Yemeni provinces in order to thwart Saudi plans aimed to occupy Yemen and confiscate its decision.