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Document reveals Saudi regime’s plot, role in President al-Hamdi’s assassination

SANAA, Nov. 26 (YPA) – The Armed Forces’ Moral Guidance Department unveiled, in a press conference held Tuesday by Deputy Director of the Department for Media Affairs Brigadier Abdullah bin Amer, the first official report on the assassination of the martyr President Ibrahim al-Hamdi.

The report affirmed that the main perpetrators of the crime have been in power for the past decades, and that the documents confirm the involvement of the Saudi regime in the crime from planning to supervision on the implementation until covering up the crime.

The report summarized the Saudi role in the assassination of the martyr President al-Hamdi in a number of points, specifically from the planning stage to the post-implementation, as follows:

1-The Saudi regime tried to get rid of al-Hamdi by trying to recruit one of murderers, a Palestinian nationality, through the then foreign minister loyal to Saudi Arabia Abdullah al-Asnaj, according to one of the documents that details the meeting of a senior Palestinian official with the then Saudi Crown Prince Fahd bin Abdulaziz.

2 – Also among the attempts to overthrow President al-Hamdi was to incite tribes and push them to storm Sanaa by force of arms and ignite a civil war between the Yemenis.

3 – Also among those attempts was to recruit professional snipers to kill al-Hamdi.

4 – Saudi orders included the assassination of Hamdi and getting rid of him before his visit to Aden. For this reason, the killers set several scenarios to carry out the mission, including a luncheon, as well as the bombing of al-Hamdi’s house or downing of his plane during takeoff, flight, or landing at Aden airport.

5 – The role played by the Saudi military attaché in Sanaa at that time Saleh al-Hedyan confirms the involvement of Saudi Arabia beyond any doubt in the assassination of President al-Hamdi.

6 – Al-Hedyan assumed the full and actual supervision of the bloody coup.

7 – Al-Hedyan participated himself in the assassination through his physical presence at the crime scene.

8 – Al-Hedyan’s attempt to taunt President al-Hamdi by nasty words as well as slapping him in the face with the help of murderers.

9- Al-Hedyan ordered to the murderers to carry out the crime.

10- Three Saudi intelligence agents witnessed the assassination with their actual presence at the time of its implementation. After searching for details about them, it was found that they arrived at Sanaa airport on the night of the crime, where a car belonging to one of the killers took them inside Sanaa, and after the crime they left Sanaa airport for Saudi Arabia.

A copy of the document, obtained by Yemen Press Agency, which reveals the Saudi role in the assassination of President Ibrahim al-Hamdi

Moreover, the department revealed that during the research it got information regarding the plan of al-Hamdi and Salmeen for the unity and the integration of the armed forces and Bab al-Mandab, as well as more details of the conflict with the Israeli enemy in that period, and it did not rule out the presence of a role of foreign intelligence services in the bloody coup witnessed by Sanaa on October 11, 1977.

Among the findings reached by the department from several reliable sources was that the assassination was documented in pictures, as well as the words “Saudi authorship in cooperation with US intelligence” in one of the documents on the assassination.