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Saudi Arabia prevents 6 ministers of Hadi’s govt to go back to Aden

ADEN, Nov. 19 (YPA) – Saudi authorities have prevented six ministers of Hadi government to back to the southern port city of Aden, political sources reported on Monday.

On hi Facebook page, Hadi’s Minister of Education, Abdullah Malas said he was prevented from accompanying Hadi’s prime minister, who was scheduled to travel to Aden on the basis of the Riyadh Agreement.

On the other hand, political sources in Riyadh confirmed that Saudi Arabia prevented a number of ministers of the government of “Hadi”, including ministers of youth and sports, oil, health, deputy minister of service, and undersecretary of interior ministry “Hadi” from leaving Riyadh airport to Aden.

“Hadi’s ministers kept silent, but Education Minister Malas broke his silence and wrote on social media post that ” the Saudi regime prevented him returning home,” without giving further details.

Hadi’s government Prime Minster arrived in Aden on Monday afternoon, amid obstacles set by the UAE in agreement with Saudi Arabia that a number of Hadi government ministers affiliated with the Islah party would not return to Aden.